Welcome to Dinosexual.com, the home of all things Jed

Hey Beard Buddies and Jed Heads, it’s your old pal Jed Whitaker here, aka Dr. Dinosexual and I’m going the games media elite by having my very own site to chronicle my rise to power.

I decided to make this site as my first step in my push to try to make games media my full-time job. As some of you may know, I’ve been working a full-time day job in corporate IT for the past 4+ years and found out mid-January that it would be getting outsourced to India as of April 1, no foolin’.

I’m going to make an honest effort over the next two months to see if I can get anywhere near the amount of income I’d need to survive on games media alone and then make a decision from there. It will be a lot of work either way and even if now turns out to not be the time, I’ll still keeping working my ass off to make the dream come true.

If you’re reading this as a friend, family, peer, or even a fan I want to thank you for your support, without you I would have never gotten to this point. I welcome any and all feedback, tips, job offers and freelance. I encourage you all to support me on Patreon as a steady flow of money is never a guarantee in this industry, and it would be nice to have a cushion in case things don’t always go as planned.

Thanks again and here is to the future!

Your friend,

Jed Whitaker


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